New Shibboleth resource for TDL members

Shibboleth logoIn order to improve communications with its members around the installation and maintenance of Shibboleth federated authentication software, the Texas Digital Library has created a new e-mail list for systems administrators who manage the Shibboleth installations at their institutions.

The Shibboleth Users List will provide a forum for members to communicate changes they make to the identity provider modules, including upgrades or modifications to the release of attributes to TDL. Users can also use the list to ask questions or share tips and other information. The list will be monitored by Paul Caskey of the LEARN Shibboleth Federation, as well as by technical personnel at the TDL.

Anyone joining the TDL Shibboleth Users List can e-mail the TDL at

About Shibboleth

The Texas Digital Library uses Shibboleth, an Internet2 federated identity architecture, to manage authentication of users who access TDL services. Shibboleth is a distributed authentication software that enables federated identity management adnc ross-domain single sign-on, meaning that users within the Shibboleth Federation can log in to TDL services using their own existing university credentials. For more information about Shibboleth, and the TDL Shibboleth architecture, please visit the TDL Wiki.

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