Free Training Available for Texas Data Repository Users

Texas Digital Library has produced a set of five introductory training videos for users of the Texas Data Repository. The video series can be accessed on YouTube here, and is based on a similar video set created by the Odum Institute.

Watch all five videos in the Texas Data Repository Training Series on YouTube.

The Texas Data Repository is a platform for publishing, saving and sharing datasets and other data products created by faculty, staff, and students at Texas higher education institutions. The repository at is built in an open-source application called Dataverse, developed and used by Harvard University.

The individual videos provide introductory training in these five areas:

Overview of the Texas Data Repository

Logging In to the Texas Data Repository

Publishing Datasets in the Texas Data Repository

Managing Permissions in the Texas Data Repository

Customization in the Texas Data Repository

Texas Digital Library would like to thank the TDR Steering Committee for their work producing the videos and special thanks to Texas A&M University Libraries for the use of their audiovisual suite.

For more information about the Texas Data Repository, visit or email us at

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