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Upcoming Events

All events are online, in Central Standard Time (CST), and require a Zoom account to register and attend. Click here to create a free Zoom account.

Most* Wednesdays @ 1pm | TDL Hangouts
Join Texas Digital Library staff and fellow TDL members for a bi-weekly hangout session. No agenda and no registration or RSVP required. Come as you are! Pets and family members are welcome to stop by.
* August Hangout Schedule: Aug 5, Aug 12, Aug 26

Aug 11 @ 1pm | High Performance Computing for Librarians
This Birds-of-a-Feather session is aimed at identifying whether there is interest from other librarians in learning about cyberinfrastructure (CI) providers like the Texas Advanced Computing Center, and about high performance computing (HPC) as a tool for research. The goal is to understand the perspectives and needs of librarians — current levels of awareness and comfort with HPC systems and particular areas of interest to librarians exploring this side of computing — as well as to envision what the role of libraries and archives in HPC support is, and could be. Please register ahead of time here.

Aug 19 @ 10:30am | TDL Member Forum
Texas Digital Library invites members to attend the TDL Forum, a monthly meeting in which members can hear a brief presentation about the activities of the TDL staff and participate in a question-and-answer period.
To join the TDL Forum, log-in to Adobe Connect: A screen will prompt you for a guest name but no other login is required to enter the meeting.

Aug 21 @ 11am | IMLS planning grant* project wrap
Final meeting of project partners for TDL’s year-long planning grant project, Preserving Sensitive Data in Distributed Digital Storage Networks. This meeting is by invitation only. Our final project report will be made publicly available in the fall.
* Grant # LG-34-19-0055.

DSpace Users Group

Next meeting: Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 10am – 11am, CST.

Texas Digital Library’s DSpace Users Group (DUG)works to create an active community among DSpace users that:

  • facilitates mutual support for DSpace use and repository management;
  • identifies areas of work that could be taken on by member working groups or by TDL staff;
  • connects the TDL DSpace user community to the larger open source DSpace community in North America.

TDL’s DUG meets monthly every fourth Tuesday of the month from 10am – 11am, CST.
Next meeting: Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 10am – 11am, CST.

How to join
Any users of DSpace can join the users group, regardless of affiliation with TDL. The group shares updates and information about training and events at our monthly meetings and through the TDL DSpace Users Group Email List. Click here to join!

Web Archiving Texas Interest Group

Next meeting: Thursday, August 27, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.

The purpose of the Web Archiving Texas Interest Group (WATXIG) is to build a community around web archiving in Texas, bring people together to share skills and resources to accomplish shared goals, and amplify our work that impacts the national and international web archiving community. The Confluence wiki page for the group, hosted by TDL, is located here.

TDL’s WATXIG meets quarterly, every fourth Thursday from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Central.
Next meeting: Thursday, August 27, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.

How to join
The Web Archiving Texas Interest Group has a listserv at and quarterly meetings. Anyone is welcome to join the group, whether they are working at a TDL member institution or not. To request to join the list and/or the meetings, please email TDL at

Digital Preservation Interest Group

Next meeting: Thursday, October 15, 2-2:50 p.m.

Over the past couple of years, Texas Digital Library hosted a closed meeting for its Digital Preservation Services users and recently opened up that meeting quarterly to include folks not affiliated with the service. This meeting has been updated to the more inclusive quarterly meeting for several reasons, the most significant being: to better align with the amount of time most TX digital preservation practitioners have allotted to work with digital preservation in their institutions; to broaden our reach and awareness about TDL’s and Texas digital preservation efforts; to strengthen our impact by including more voices.

TDL Digital Preservation Services Users and other Texas-based workers interested in digital preservation topics meet quarterly on the third Thursday of the month from 2:00 PM to 2:50 PM.
Next meeting: Thursday, October 15, 2-2:50 p.m.

How to join
Contact Texas Digital Library at to be added to the Digital Preservation Interest Group listserv and receive meeting invitations.

TDL Imaging Group

The mission of the TDL Imaging Group is to create and exchange information on both basic and advanced digital imaging and digitization best practices, in addition to establishing an open and inclusive environment for the exchange of information regionally, within the state of Texas, and surrounding areas. 

TDL’s Imaging Group occasionally hosts meet-ups and virtual birds-of-a-feather meetings, but does not meet regularly as a group. Instead, the Imaging Group utilizes their email list to exchange information and resources. 

How to join
If you are interested in joining the TDL Imaging Group, please subscribe to our listserv to get involved at

GIS Interest Group

TDL’s GIS Interest Group (GISIG) seeks to develop a Community of Practice around geographic information systems (GIS) and become a source of expertise for all Texas Digital Library consortium members and partners.

The GISIG meets on a monthly basis (recurrence and times TBD).
Next meeting: TBD – sign up for emails at the link below to receive meeting updates. 

How to join
Click to join our GiSIG email list to receive updates and meeting invitations:   


Open Educational Resources (OER) are gaining momentum here in Texas, and TDL is now offering OER support as part of our suite of services. 

How to participate
Subscribe to the Texas OER Community for Higher Education Google Group so you don’t miss any updates about upcoming events and other opportunities. 

Open Texas 2021
Save the date for Open Texas 2021! Texas Digital Library and the Digital Higher Education Consortium of Texas jointly organize the annual Open Texas conference to convene librarians, faculty, administrators, and other open education practitioners and advocates in Texas. The first ever Open Texas 2021 will be hosted by the University of Houston-Downtown and Houston Community College.
Open Texas 2021 will be held virtually, March 11-12, 2021. Sign up for updates here.

Stay Engaged with TDL

Become a TDL Member
All academic libraries and cultural heritage organizations in Texas are invited to become a member of the Texas Digital Library consortium. Email us at if you’d like to learn more. 

Texas Conference on Digital Libraries
Texas Digital Library’s annual conference, the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL), covers topics relevant to the creation, promotion, and preservation of research, scholarship, and cultural heritage digital materials. The goal of TCDL is to bring together those working on digital projects — including outreach librarians, repository managers, catalogers, faculty members, technical staff, and others — in order to build a practical, usable, and sustainable model for digital libraries.

Save the date: TCDL 2021 will take place online during the week before Memorial Day, May 2021. Sign up for TDL’s e-newsletter  to receive regular conference updates.

Sign up for TDL’s e-newsletter  

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Popular Resources

Anti-racism resources
The Texas Digital Library stands against racism and with those working to end systemic injustices. Our staff have been compiling resources on anti-racist work, particularly those relevant to libraries and archives. Visit our Anti-Racism resources page.

COVID-19 resources
TDL is collecting links to resources for libraries and archives during the pandemic. Visit our Covid-19 Resources page to learn more and find links to notes from our recent webinar on Re-Opening the Library.

Trainings and webinars
View recorded and captioned trainings and webinars on TDL’s YouTube Channel. New recordings are added regularly.


Texas Digital Library is a consortium of library and archives professionals that propels the Academy forward by maintaining our past and preparing for the future. Membership in TDL is open to any academic library. Find out more by visiting or email us at

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