Call for Comment: TDL Racial Equity Action Plan 2.0

Texas Digital Library requests review and comment from its membership on its revised TDL Racial Equity Action Plan 2.0. Developed by TDL executive staff in collaboration with the TDL Governing Board, the TDL Racial Equity Action Plan represents our on-going efforts to articulate the concrete measures we commit to take in order to dismantle white supremacy within our organization and associated communities.

Click here to review and leave feedback on Texas Digital Library’s Racial Equity Action Plan draft.

The initial version of this plan was published in March 2021, under the name “TDL Anti-Racism Action Plan,” with a commitment to regularly refresh our goals and provide our community with updates on progress.

The plan articulates organizational goals in five areas: Governance and Strategy; Technology; Staff and Administrative Services; Events; and Member Engagement and Outreach. In each area, we have outlined a number of strategic objectives – categorized as strategies “already in place” or “aspirational” strategies – and several concrete, measurable actions to achieve each. For strategies already in place, we have reported on actions that we have already taken or that are on-going.

We invite our members and colleagues to review the draft document and provide feedback by Friday, May 20. Readers can provide feedback directly in the document by adding comments, or send it to the TDL Executive Director, Kristi Park, at If you wish to leave anonymous feedback, please use the anonymous TDL Suggestion Box.

Following this period of open comment, TDL’s executive team will review feedback and incorporate and/or respond to it where appropriate. A final version of the updated plan will be released in May 2022.

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