Spring 2022 DPLA harvest

Welcome to the first in a regular series of posts highlighting TDL members’ contributions to the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA).  Every three months, TDL members have the opportunity to update the records that they share with DPLA through TxHub.  These posts will explore those records and celebrate the resources found in TDL members’ collections.

This spring, Houston Public Library shared 45 new collections with DPLA, including over 3,400 new records.  That brings their total number of records in DPLA to over 10,000!  HPL’s collections include lots of wonderful resources about Houston-area history, Black history, music, environmental history, genealogy, and much more.

Here are a few of the items that HPL shared with DPLA this harvest:

Proof that Texans have been taking pictures of bluebonnets for 100 years. “Bluebonnets and Paintbrush”, J.M. Heiser, Jr. Environmental Collection. Houston Public Library https://dp.la/item/7d2262249d2611836b1ae6fa089722dc

“Officers of the Texas Association of Women’s Clubs”, Texas Association of Women’s Clubs, Houston Collection. Houston Public Library https://dp.la/item/d6b331a4b471cbbbb774f9a1e5247e2e

The Clayton Vertical File Collection contains a wealth of resources for genealogists. “Genealogy notecard on Edward Spear Atkinson”, Clayton Vertical File Collection. Houston Public Library https://dp.la/item/82426c746aea61abecdbe04cd4983372

TDL is proud to help share these wonderful collections with a wider audience through TxHub and DPLA!

Explore all TDL members’ TxHub content in DPLA here: https://dp.la/search?partner=”Texas Digital Library”

To learn more about TxHub and TDL’s DPLA Metadata Aggregation Service, please visit our website or email us at info@tdl.org.

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